Scholar Theme: update so that images don't have to be in Custom Fields?


I'm using Scholar, along with The Events Manager plugin for event posts - I tried WPMU Events+ but needed Eventbrite integration and some other functions, so I had to go with this one.

Here is the client production site:

If you look on the front page, you'll see that many Events posts don't have thumbnail images. No matter whether I use the Featured Image or the Insert in Post option, the Events post image thumbnails don't show up on the front page or in the slideshow.

The developer I'm working with said this:

Image issue - it turns out that this theme uses old way of utilizing
images attached with posts - uses custom fields, NOT thumbnail image
So Events with category "News" will now appear on the top page and in the slideshow, and you
need to manually set which image to show in custom field each time you post an event.

Is this the case? If so, how do I update the theme to use the thumbnail image feature for all posts, including Events posts? I've already talked with the plugin developer and they say this is definitely a theme issue, not a plugin issue. it's a big problem for my client: the people who will be posting these events are not html savvy, and that means I am going to have to spend hours of time each week posting their images for them: which won't work.

Please let me know what to do about this.



update: sorry, I forgot to add a screenshot of the way that Events posts have to have photos added: