score went down after asset optimization

I have support access on for Hummingbird recommended that I re-check asset optimization and the score before this was 71 and after it went down to 50. Can you please go in to see what's wrong?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello cornelius_butler

    I see that you turned Asset Optimizatoin on but did not configure it. Currently there's no optimization going on at all and all that happens is that assets are pushed to WPMU DEV CDN "as they are" without any changes. That actually might cause score to go down sometimes.

    What you'd need to do would be to take some time to configure asset optimization. First thing to do would be to go to "Hummingbird -> Asset Optimizaiton" page and switch off WPMU DEV CDN temporarily, then switch Asset Optimization to "Advanced" mode using a "Switch to advanced mode" button next to "Clear Cache" button.

    Once that's done you'll get the same list of CSS and JS files but with additional options. For each CSS file you'll get - from left to right - options:

    "compress", "combine", "move to footer", "inline"

    and for each JS file you'll get - from left to right - options:

    "compress", "combine", "move to footer", "Force load after the page is loaded".

    The "Compress" option for most of the files will be disabled because apparently they are already compressed. Then the goal is to enable "combine" and "move to footer" options for as many files as possible without breaking the site. Then, once that's done, enable as many "Inline" for CSS and "Force load after that page is loaded" for JS as possible without breaking the site.

    This is a daunting task of a "trial and error" attempts, I'm afraid. It takes time to set that up properly and there's no way to automate it because each and every site is different. So an admin of the site has to give it some time to set that up to achieve the best configuration. This way you can actually optimize these assets really well and get the score up.

    However, please note that it's not really recommended to do this during any development/design works on site as in such case assets will be changing really often, thus breaking all the optimization and/or breaking the site. I'd recommend keeping that disabled - as well as any other optimization/speed up options from our and other plugins - for as long as you are doing any development works on site. Then, once you are done with those, you could take proper care of performance optimization as only then you would be able to achieve reasonable results without breaking the site and actually affecting your own development work.

    Kind regards,

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