Screen width detection

Hi, I'd like the Floating Social bar to incorporate screen width detection because every site that uses this plugin must currently put up with the bar overlapping the rest of the website content when viewed at any screen size that can't accomodate both, unless they use @media queries like I have, or something else. For instance, if I hadn't provided a temporary fix for myself, my site -, would look fine at screen widths of 1140px or more, however if a user was on a netbook or iPad for example then it would start to look a bit clumsy.

I'd prefer that, with smaller screen sizes, it be placed just above my footer at the bottom of my pages and between my content and comments on my posts, as well as at the top of my posts below the title. For now, I'm just using @media queries, but this justs places it at the bottom of my pages above the footer and below my posts' title across my whole site, so it's not quite what I want.

Let me know what you think,