Scribe with Upfront Server Requirements

I can get Scribe with Upfront to run just fine on, but not on my virtual machine on my other host (network redux). What are the minimum requirements so I can figure out what may need changing?

When I click the upfront button in the customize theme view, nothing happens (on network redux). I have reverted to the previous theme (from another company) until I can figure this out.

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @Eddy, hope you're well today!

    Server requirements are the same as for WordPress, which means PHP version 5.2 or greater and MySQL. The only thing you have to have enabled are pretty permalinks.

    When you say nothing happens, do you get the white screen? Do you have anything else installed there that might be causing the conflict? Did you try to check for possible plugin conflicts, try testing for a conflict by following the flowchart on this page here:

    Additionally can you enable WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file and tell me if there are any errors displayed?
    To output the WordPress debugging information you can open your wp-config.php file and change:

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);


    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    Please let me know what you find. You can also provide link to the site so we can check it out.

    Looking forward for your response :slight_smile:


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