scrunched up divs, customizing, what php files to use, and fixing errors.


I have a few questions:

1)So my products and all the forms (shipping, checkout etc) associated with it is all scrunched up together( all the divs). How do I get it to look all uniform and spaced out?

2) How can I add a checkout & view cart button to all product pages under the “add to cart” button. what file do I customize?

3) How and what file do I customize to change the “shipping” names to “delivery” on all forms associated with shipping?

4) what file do I customize to add a “time” cell to the shipping form ( that I actually want to be a delivery form)?

5) Is there a quick way to see the php file associated with each page? If so how?

6) Is there a way to change the template used for the “checkout, products , shipping etc” pages?

7) products are showing up on the footer of my page under “recent news” how do I get that to stop?

Here is the site Im trying to develop.. if it makes it easier.