Search and Delete Plugin with Membership 2 Shortcodes


I recently installed Easy Replace plugin to try and get rid of the old Membership 1 shortcodes that are now unnecessary with Membership 2 page level protection. When I ran the find and replace for the shortcode with just a “-“, it did not do it. Furthermore, to complicate matters more, the pages are now protected even from paying members for some reason. Can you direct me to the Search and Replace plugin suggested by WPMU for this scenario? I remember seeing an article about it but cannot seem to find it. Additionally, when I deactivate the Easy Replace plugin, the content remains protected and the shortcodes are still there. Can you please take a look and let me know any suggestions you might have? We are just trying to keep the Membership 2 page level protections as is, but get rid of the useless shortcodes everywhere. I have activated support access as well. Thank you!