Search and display function of csv file.

Hi there.
Im trying to make a simple search and display function for a csv or xlm formatted file.
I have a spare parts catalog (excel) with over 70.000 items, that are being updated frequntly.
Each item has a item number, and the number is always known by my customers. (they find it in the datasheet of their product) I want a function to let my customers search for a item number and get the item text and price displayed from the csv or xlm file.

And better yet would be the ability for my customer to transfer their item look up to the Woocommerce webshop installed on the site. I dont want to add all 70.000 products to Woocommerce.

Can anyone out there recommend something, maybe a plugin for some of the proces. (search and display).

Best thing would be searching in a hosted csv or xlm file, that can be changed often.

Thank you guys and girls