SEARCH and EDIT not working when viewing Funds

2 Major things:

1) We cannot view/extract the the addresses we've collected using the "Fundraising" plugin from the back-end.

When we click to "edit" to see details the address field reads as:

"10537 (Address)" and that's it.

2) We cannot search the "Funds" data at all. Anything I search on leads to: "No Funds found"

even when I know the data is there (because I can see the email address in the preview).

We need to send emails out to our backers immediately.

I'm 99% positive these functions worked in previous trials I did. To help in the debugging process, I tried this:

And I copied all data to another wordpress install and disabled all plugins and used the simple default 2012 theme.

Still didn't work.

I tried the earliest version of the plugin that I had, but that didn't work either.

Attached images;

First image: You can only see the street number, not the whole address.

Second image: Even though there is a “”, when you search for him the resulting search set is empty.