search bar/ dropdown css style issue goes off screen

I just installed the protected content plugin and when I try to set it up and click on any one of the choose a (page, post type, etc...) the searchbox/dropdown has a crazy inline css style left: -1346 and width:1906 meaning the box with all the pages is way out of my screen.

If i inspect the element, this is what it shows:
<div id="select2-drop" style="left: -1346px; top: 264px; bottom: auto; display: block; width: 1906px;" class="select2-drop select2-display-none ms-select2 select2-with-searchbox select2-drop-auto-width select2-drop-active">

This happens on chrome/firefox/ie on a windows machine and chrome on a mac. All latest OS and latest browsers.

Note that on every browser the left and width styles are slightly different.

Very strange. Can anyone help figure this out?