Search Custom Fields Directory Plugin

I am trying to use custom fields search functionality by utilizing this plugin (Ultimate WP Query Search Filter) as recommended somewhere else in the forum.

I believe I have set everything up correctly but its not working.

1st: I set up the custom fields with custom press under content types. The two I'm trying to make searchable are (Areas Served and Services Provided).

2nd: I created 2 directory listings. One with Los Angeles/Health Insurance and the 2nd with Orange County/Medicare Insurance.

3rd: Set up plugin listed above. See screen shots attached.

When I use the search box on the home page one of two things happen.
1) When I leave the dropdowns "See All Agents" and "See All" the directory listings are found.
2) When I try "Los Angeles" and "health insurance" or "Orange County" and "Medicare insurance" I get "Nothing Found".

Can someone please help me figure out what is going on here? This site is part of a multi site, but here is the URL so you can see and test the search bar:

Support access is ACTIVE until January 24, 2015 11:26 pm

Extra note: In the drop down options on the screenshots I have tried the following:

Areas Served:
Los Angeles::Los Angeles | Orange County::Orange County | Riverside::Riverside | San Bernardino::San Bernardino | San Diego::San Diego

_ct_checkbox_54beb6228dbf4_1::Los Angeles | _ct_checkbox_54beb6228dbf4_2::Orange County | _ct_checkbox_54beb6228dbf4_3::Riverside | _ct_checkbox_54beb6228dbf4_4::San Bernardino | _ct_checkbox_54beb6228dbf4_5::San Diego

Services Provided:
Health Insurance::Health Insurance | Medicare Insurance::Medicare Insurance | Life Insurance::Life Insurance | Auto Insurance::Auto Insurance | Home Owners Insurance::Home Owners Insurance | Renters Insurance::Renters Insurance

_ct_checkbox_54bebf387b106_1::Health Insurance | _ct_checkbox_54bebf387b106_2::Medicare Insurance | _ct_checkbox_54bebf387b106_3::Life Insurance | _ct_checkbox_54bebf387b106_4::Auto Insurance | _ct_checkbox_54bebf387b106_5::Home Owners Insurance | _ct_checkbox_54bebf387b106_6::Renters Insurance