Search Engines Meta Codes disappeared on Site Map Setup

Hey there, I need some help from the Super Heroes!

My Google & Bing Site Verification Codes can't be set. I place the code but when I save they disappear. Am I doing something wrong there?

Thank you very much!

  • Sajid
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hello Fabio Fava,
    Hope you are doing good today:slight_smile:

    You mean, robots.txt files ? If yes then you can delete those as long as you are not preventing any directory located in same folder from search engines being indexed.

    Otherwise, yes, you can do pretty much everything right from SmartCrawl dashboard.

    Oh and no hard feelings for this support thread even if you have resolved it. We actually feel good and take it as a chance to say hi, so feel free to post a reply or start a new thread whenever you need to talk to us :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

  • Fabio Fava
    • WordPress DevOps

    Hi Sajid, thanks for the insight!

    No I mean the files with those


    that I've installed whan I first started with my site.

    I feel like SmartCrawl would deal with that, am I correct?

    On robots.txt the only line I'm in doubt if I should keep it or not:

    Disallow: /xmlrpc.php

    Should I keep that one? Soon this site will be migrated into my Multi-Network...

  • Sajid
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hello Fabio Fava :slight_smile:

    Well, if you plan to move the site on multisites then you may still need to disallow xmlrpc.php file that is something should not be indexed and publicly available on internet.

    Regarding the Pinterest verification, its a good idea, but to make it official please create a new thread in Features and Feedback section so it could be considered for development. Also, please note that creating a ticket in Features and Feedback section does not guarantee that it will be added in the road map to development for sure. It depends if it will get enough +1's from other members of community too. More +1's, more chances of a request to be considered for development.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,
    Sajid - WPMU DEV Support

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