Search Function, Unique Identifiers, Etc.

Hi all. I'm trying to figure out if there's a theme or plugin or something that would allow me to do the following:

I want to allow people to be able to create posts with unique identifier codes associated with them.

Example: A member could create a post which automatically generates a unique shortcode/accesscode which would reference the post URL. Then, from the home page, I'd like to have a search field whereby visitors could type in the specific shortcode/accesscode which would take them directly to the post associated with it.

Is this already possible? Does this have to do with taxonomies or plugins, etc. Can anyone here help?

Thank you in advance,


  • friendlywebdesign

    Hi Phil. Thanks. Actually, that's why I titled the question... Search function... is there a way to modify the search field to yield only the unique result and is there a simple way to display the unique ID within the post itself so that writer would be able to use it in offline advertising?

    I have some premium domain names that I'm marketing to and for others... members would like to simply advertise the premium domain name along with an "access code" that would then redirect the visitor to the specified post. It's just a different approach to marketing than go to my website... OR (lol).

    Know what I mean?

  • friendlywebdesign

    Hello. I'm revisiting this thread because I still can't find a suitable workaround or plugin to accomplish this.

    I'm looking for a way to automatically assign a unique identifier to all member's blogs/posts/pages/profiles/etc. Then, from the home page, I'd like a website visitor to be able to enter the unique identifier (i.e. ACCESS CODE) into a simple form field and be redirected to the corresponding blog/post/page/profile/etc.

    I do NOT want a search results page to appear as the access code should be unique and only correspond to a single blog/post/page/profile/etc.

    The unique identifier could be a 7 character string (i.e. digits and upper- & lower-case letters).

    Again, I want my members to be able to market my premium domain name without having to use a long URL or a URL shortener to send people to the corresponding blog/post/page/profile/etc. Instead, I want each member to be able to market our premium domain names as their own and have their unique ACCESS CODE link directly to their individual blog, product page, article post, personal profile, etc. This approach allows marketers to advertise a premium domain name without worrying about losing referrals to other marketer's blogs, product pages, article posts, personal profiles, etc. (who are also using our premium domain name) because they are hidden and difficult to access without a full URL or ACCESS CODE.

    Does that make sense? Can anyone help?

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