Search in WPMU DEV Support Forum should show dates of Discussions

I have frequently questions about MarketPress.

There is a big difference between MarketPress 3.x and the versions before, because many of the problems in 2.x are finally solved in 3.x.

But when I search for answers (e.g. “SHIPPINGINFO”:wink:, then I also get a lot of support questions referring to 2.x, which are simply not relevant any more.

I am sure that is true for other plugins or themes, too. Especially when they develop more rapidly (e.g. Upfront).

So the suggestion is to show the dates of the question (I guess, you usually might not have easy access to the version of the plugin or theme).

So searching for answers would be sped up drastically, because (in my example) I do not have to look at questions/discussions before the date MarketPress 3.x was released.

Thank you!