Search Our Community Widget in BP Daily.

Hi again Tammie,

You’ve helped me with a similar query before so sorry to keep asking about this but I have a little query about the ‘Search Our Community’ Widget.

My issue is that if I search for a particular search term and then select group and hit search it takes me to a page where the url reflects the search term.

For example: If I search for the group on my site called ‘Provexis’ it takes me to a page with the URL:

Now this is fine for the initial search but if I use the ‘Search anything’ box in the group directory to search for another group, it merely returns this page for EVERY search term.

When you use the ‘Search Anything’ box first on the groups page, it searches the groups without changing the URL from …/groups so you can keep searching different terms.

Is there anyway to alter the widget to fix this or could you give me the steps to remove this widget within the BP Daily Theme. I’ve tried altering the sidebar.php files but I must be removing too much code as it’s messing up the entire bar :slight_frown:

I love the widget as it covers groups, forums and members but it might just be a bit confusing having box the ‘search Our Community’ search box and the ‘Search Anything’ boxes on the same page that’s all.

Thanks so much for your continued help, I owe you big time! :slight_smile: