Search results don't display when I am logged in as member, I can see the results only when I a

Search results don’t display when I logged in as member, I can see the results only when I am logged in by admin. I have assigned certain categories to members in positive rules, so they can see posts only from the assigned categories. But when I search for contents from assigned categories even then no result is displayed.

  • pradeep
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    Hi @alexander,

    I have setup access levels to restrict the user (student) to the posts of certain categories (courses). Attached is the screenshot of one of the membership level. Other than these categories the user can access any post or page. But when I am logged in as a member and do the search then the result is displayed only for posts related to the assigned categories as per the membership. Although, the member is able to access all pages and also the posts from custom post type but when the member searches the content related to these pages and posts then no result is displayed :slight_frown:

    But, when I am logged in as admin then the search works well, so its basically due to the restriction from membership level the search is not working for logged in member.

    Please suggest, how should I set up the membership so that I can restrict member to certain categories, but he should be able to access other contents

  • pradeep
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I think the problem is resolved now. I just changed the conditions. Instead of putting categories to be accessed in positive rules, I put the categories to be restricted for that member into negative rules. Now the search is working fine.

    Thanks @Alexandar for your response :slight_smile:

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