Searchable content in MarketPress

I have Avada theme installed on my site, and then MarketPress plugin. We are only just learning this plugin and in early stage of setting up the site.
One thing I noted so far is that it appears that the Category settings in the cart are NOT searchable in the main site search.

Example page

You will see this is a sample product and the permalinks works nicely here, but the category is NOT in that link url and if you were to look at the page, you would see for example that one of the Categories is victorian-gardens

However, if you go to the site and search for that term, it comes back with a Not Found Page.

You can search the description of the item and that would come up, say "citrus fragranced gel" then that comes up in the search, but not cart categories.

So after all that :wink:, is there a way to may cart categories searchable in the site?

Many thanks