Searching WPMUdev Forums - it's so difficult

Is it just me, or is something not quite right with these forums and how to search and find useful information, workarounds and solutions that may have been covered already?

For instance, I'm trying to find information on various aspects of Upfront, MarketPress, Buy Buttons, CSS tweaks or whatever, but initially finding the section(s) that may cover particular information is hard enough (I have to go to the plugin or theme's page, find any particular plugin(s) and then dip into each of their links, one by one), but then also there's actually searching for any particular subject area that rarely gives results that are anything but generic answers - e.g. enter "Upfront MarketPress" and all I get is the Upfront tutorials which are quite old links now and some other generic links.

Or am I missing something obvious? Like an Advanced Search facility somewhere or a more traditional looking (compact and easy to scan) forum view that doesn't involve just scrolling back through pages of time to maybe find something relevant, or, more importantly, for Upfront (for example) and its themes, perhaps it would give me an overview section for Upfront itself instead of me having to dip in and out of each individual theme one at a time, again and again in the vague hope of maybe finding what I'm looking for in the long time-line of often boringly irrelevant paginated lists?

Normally and usually I enjoy forums and will search and learn happily from them all day long, but this wpmudev one I'm finding it very difficult to use and learn from.

It's no good suggesting I raise a ticket for any issues I may be experiencing, it's more a case of learning and experimenting to see what can and can't be done, often not knowing what problems or possibilities there are until one has learned something from what others are trying to do and how they overcame or solved their issue.

I hope that all makes sense - I've seen forums elsewhere close down and become ticket support only solutions. I hate that and means long delays in getting (wrong. long and drawn-out ) answers and one never learns from others and their case examples and solutions/workarounds, etc.

The open and membership wpmudev forums seems somewhere between the two. The info, help and solutions are all in there somewhere, I just can't find, discover and learn from them!

Any plans to make things a better UX?

  • MrArtist

    Great Adam... I'm really surprised it's not been mentioned/noticed before... well, it might have been but it'd be impossible to find!

    I've been here quite a few months now, so it's not like I haven't spent some time trying to figure things out, but the WPMUdev way still evades me. I see from historical blog posts there have been various UI and functionality changes here but this way of making each forum-type question look like an article/blog post can be confusing and incidentally why all CAPS for the headings? - it ruins any importance of using names or relevant upper-lower case combinations - e.g. Mb, MB, Mbs, Mhz, 13th. ALL-CAPS shouldn't be used for important data, it can only lead to errors, misunderstandings or mistakes.

    Anyhow, I've seen bad forums before that frustrate and don't contain answers, I've seen badly moderated forums that just get swamped with rubbish. I've seen forums where support staff seem to go out of their way to prolong the questioner's agony (problem) and never actually come up with answers or even bother with answering the question.

    The good thing is that WPMUdev forums do actually work and things do get answered with speed it seems - but somehow all that valuable info gets lost in a mountain of generality that is neither searchable or classified adequately - e.g where is an Upfront section that encompasses itself and any theme sub-issues? Who's cataloguing all that knowledge, joining the dots and making useful stickies and FAQs from it all? I can't imagine how you all keep track of things but you must definitely be using something better then we see at the user-end of things?

    If only I could review everything that's in here easily, and I'm sure it would also cut down on the number of tickets/questions people raise that need answers. This must be one of the worst searchable forums I've ever come across, so much so, I just give up every time I want to know something and hope I'll just see an answer in the recent list (unlikely!). I've had better results typing my question into Google and it sometimes finds the result here at WPMUdev for me much better.

    Anyway, thanks for listening... :slight_smile:

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