Seasonal business removing calendar months from plugin?

Hi all. Here is the page I am using appointments+.

The business will only be taking reservations during the warmer months (May-September), is it possible to remove the other calendar months so that customers don't need to scroll through when making a reservation? When looking for a solution I noticed that under the admin settings there is an "Exceptions" section where you can fill in "Non working days"... but as far as I can tell, this option only allows you to add individual days... going that route would obviously be very tedious/time consuming when applying the 5 months that the business is "non-working"!

I tried playing around with the plugin code (backing it up via notepad first) but altering this section didn't seem to do any good:

$months = array( 'January'=>'01','February'=>'02','March'=>'03','April'=>'04','May'=>'05','June'=>'06',
						'July'=>'07','August'=>'08','September'=>'09','October'=>'10','November'=>'11','December'=>'12' );

Any tips? Thanks

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    As I told you on the other thread Appointments+ is not a general reservation plugin. It is intended for people serving people for an ongoing business (365 days a year), with some minor exceptions only. In fact Bookings+ plugin, which is under development, will fit to your needs better.

    On the other hand, in your case these may help:

    1) Setting several months as not working is not so difficult. Just use app_is_holiday filter. Like this:

    function set_several_months_as_holiday( $is_holiday, $ccs, $cce, $service, $worker ) {
    $month = date( 'n', $ccs );
    // We only work at months 5-9
    if ( $month < 5 || $month >9 )
    return true;
    return $is_holiday;
    add_filter( 'app_is_holiday', 'set_several_months_as_holiday', 10, 5 );

    Add these codes in functions.php of your current theme.

    2) For starting the calendar at a certain month you can have a look at this thread:


  • ryan_o__connor
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Hakan,

    Yes, I am aware this is not a general reservation plugin - however, it suits my needs for reservations with mostly minor issues. So until Bookings+ becomes available, I will need to make due.

    Regarding my issue, #1 effectively eliminated the months where we will not be open. I simply copied your code into a child theme for my functions.php file. Thank you for the code!

    Regarding starting the calendar at a specific month, I believe I am going to hold off on doing this (now that I've gotten the calendar to only become available for bookings during the open months, it's less of a problem) - leaving it untouched will also eliminate the need to update the code during every single month that the business is open.


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