second domain do not want to go to https


Currently it already happen for long time.
I'm using wpmu and have several domain.
web server is nginx

let say

i config to force ssl for admin and login at wp-config.php is a main site and than put and for extra domain that i can choice if create a new site.
and then i make as a new site
i can go to
and it's working fine.

sometimes after i updating multi-domain and domain mapping, it do not go to https anymore, a browser will give me a warning about looping.

and than i mark force ssl at wp-config.php and it work.
i see that will go to http event i put https at a front.
loop will be happen because of it go to https than http and loop there.

note: i never change any config.

i also want to create a main site for to have a site without www.
right now i create a new site under to have site
how to make it ?