Second Domain Mapping of Multisite Not Working


The issue I am having is with mapping the domain to multisite. I enabled WPMUDev access. The client has a domain with Godaddy and wanted to keep his mail there, so he just changed his A records to my Bluehost VPS IP as opposed to changing his nameservers to & Below are the details.

- My VPS IP is
- My root directory is otsegoweb.
- is a subdomain multisite with 11 total sites. One site has a domain from GoDadddy via the A records set to
- I have 6 or so individual addon sites in my root directory of otsegoweb. One of these addon sites is ruralcharities. is a subdomain multisite. I have one domain forwarded from Godaddy ( via nameservers set to &

- I have added an addon domain in my cPanel for
- The nemsar directory was created automatically when I created the addon in cPanel.
- I've manually added a nemsar-org directory hoping that might help. I noticed my first domain map at ( had two directories teefinc & teefinc-org.
- with the A records set is properly resolving to my VPS server
* My client did not want a broken site displayed while I try to figure out the domain mapping, so we added an index.html file in the nemsar directory to redirect to Before I try to test a mapping solution (which breaks the site) I rename index.html to x-index.html. After failing the test to resolve the mapping, I rename the file back to index.html. I only try to test for a couple of minutes at a time. I realise it takes some time to resolve certain issues and this is a problem for me. But I did tell him I would try to keep the downtime to a minimum.
- I was on the phone with Bluehost for quite some time yesterday, but they could not help. They did assist me in the past with forwarding a domain to my VPS by having me change some WHM settings.

Thank you for your time.