Second email not being sent after activation

When a new user signsup he gets an email saying

To activate your blog, please click the following link:

After you activate, you will receive *another email* with your login.
After you activate, you can visit your blog here:

But I never get a second email with my login ID.
Any idea why
I am using Cimy_Swift_SMTP


  • drmike
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    There's hundreds of those threads over there. Folks that post all get pointed to the mail server and webserver logs but no one ever comes back. (The debugging page as well.) The mail server log especially since you;re using a SMTP plugin instead of letting php mail it.

    Checking the spam folder of the enduser has also been recommended. SInce it's a php script sending it from the same IP address, many mail servers detect it as spam and drop it in there or block it outright.

    Also make sure the server has it's rDNS setup correctly. That's another spam flag.

    It's been brought up in trac a couple of times. Someone pointed out that the sending email address isn't in the correct format but it got closed without any real comment many eons ago. We actually hardcode the sending email address in the file (4 times I believe) since for many of our installs, it drops back to the server's host name instead and that's yet another spam flag.

  • Sue
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    We have problems with users not receiving the second emails on our sites because while their filters allow the first email it then blocks the second email.

    This is why on our signup page ( we recommend "if you have a free email account (e.g., gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) please use that instead of an institutional email (some school spam filters can be a bit too strict!)"

    It isn't just school filters. does the same. I would test your system by using a gmail account. If you receive the second email into your gmail account you know that the filter is the issue.

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