Second Login

I want a get a second log-in for a programmer who works for me (I want mine to remain primary) -- so that if we separate employment -- I can cancel his access to my account.

Please advice how to do so.

  • Tom Eagles

    @jshickich do you mean for these forums?

    there would be no need for that as he could log in via the dashboard on the wordpress site, if you stop working together later just change the password for the user account or delete it.

    That would be the easiest way i think.

    Just be very careful i had rather an unpleasant experience recently with a freelance programmer having access to my files from here.

    It may sound obvious but be careful about who you allow access to.

    I am sure @mason @Kimberly will be able to advise you better.

  • Mason

    Did someone say my name? :wink:

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    At this time, we don't offer shared or secondary login credentials, but increasingly I can see a need for it.

    @tom.eagles's approach is the best for now. Give them access to your account.

    When I decide I need to share web logins with anyone I use a service called LastPass. It's free and does a couple things:
    1. Permits me to send it to them encrypted rather than through something like email
    2. You can actually choose whether to "share" the credentials or "give" the credentials. Sharing means they get a link they can click to auto-login without ever seeing the password. Giving allows them to actually see the password (which means they could also login and change it)

    So that'd be my recommendation. Security and trust are totally valid concerns.

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