second page of register not showing a button to select for subscription type


I just installed membership and have followed the instructions, I think! I have activated global tables and plan to use it to restrict access based on url groups (to certain subdirectories across the network, but not pages, categories, etc.)

It looked good until i got to the second page of the registration process where it asks to select a subscription – there is no button and no way to navigate from that page.

The subscription is free, and i will just have 2 groups – unregistered users (stranger level) and registered users (can see certain subsites that unregistered users cannot.



  • Barry
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    Hi – is it showing the subscription name? If not you’ll need to make the subscription active and public.

    If it is, then check that you have the gateways you want to use activated in the Membership -> addons page, and then made Active in the Membership -> Gateways page.

  • cmccb
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    One other question comes to mind–I’m having difficulty getting the default page to show “protected” (the “you’re not logged in so you can’t see this” page). I have set stranger settings to “None-no access to content”. What am I missing?

    We have a multi-site install with subdirectories, structured as follows:

    When navigating from within to (which is a menu item on, subdir1 shows “protected” if I’m not logged in.

    But when I hard enter, I can get there no problem (same for subdir2, subdir3, etc.).

    Any help?

  • cmccb
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    Do I have to activate the membership on each subdirectory site? Do I then have to create a separate subscription for each of those sites – then my users choose to which subsite they want to be subscribed?

    If so, where do I add that so that it will show a list of available subsites that users can be subscribed to?

    Thanks so much for your help, I have a feeling we are *almost* there….

  • Barry
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    Do you want to go over the structure of the site you want to create and then we can best advise how to set the plugin up / what you could do.

    Do I have to activate the membership on each subdirectory site?

    It depends on what you want to achieve? Do you want a global install, or separate membership systems on each site?

  • cmccb
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    I would be happy to – and I would be happy to give access, etc. if someone can help me make it work!

    I have the following setup – it is for a school. BTW, I am a volunteer!

    Multisite with main site being the school’s main site.

    Then, a parents portal, one subsite ( then classroom sites (, grade2 etc.).

    I want the main site to be avail. to the public. If someone wants to view the parents portal, they need to become a free, but registered user, pending my approval (manually). If they have a child in the second grade, they should also be able to see that site…honestly, they can see all the grades, as they are a parent, but it would be ok to have them separately subscribed.

    I also want to integrate wordpress roles, so that the teachers can administer their sites and some of the members can post (the moms that volunteer to do the news posts).

    Is this possible?

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