secure and optimize htacces how to

Hi guys

Turning around on the net, found many "how tos" to secure and optimize wp via htacces, as for example supress hotlinks for images/files, etc.

But many are contardictory.

I remember there was a topic on that here but unable to find it.

Would be good to have the "wpmudev htaccess tutorial for wpmu"

just an idea though :slight_smile:

[mode very patient ON] :slight_smile:

  • drmike

    And I was thinking you figured out a way to view your htaccess file. Had someone ask me that a few days ago. He forgot the dot in front of the file name. :slight_smile:

    One of the pluses that and most other mu install promote is that images can be used elsewhere. Just for reference, all those listings are for images hosted at Not allowing hotlinking would be a negative for your installs.

    And I would think having domain mapping in place would cause issues as well because you would have to allow for those domains.

    Also .htaccess only comes into play with Apache. Rules are different for those of us on Nginx.

    edit: If you ever figure out a way to do it, grab a copy of the Naked Gun movie and screencap the driving school student flipping off the truck driver. Blow it up nice and big and make that your redirection image. Gets their attention real quick. :slight_smile:

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