Securely administrating WordPress when port 443 is unavailable

There’s a known issue that precludes the use of wordpressMU with port numbers. How do you securely administrate wordpress when you can’t use the default port (443)?

Is this possible or does wordpressMU require a unique IP address where port 443 is available for secure administration?

I’m guessing this has been discussed before. Can anyone point me to the documentation that describes this?


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    I’m guessing this has been discussed before.

    I’m so going to pretend that I didn’t read that.


    Actually it’s not an issue but done on purpose to only run on port 80. It’s hardcoded as such. That way you only have to serve the url of the blogs, not the additional ports as part of the urls.

    The serving of a secure connection, or port 443 in this case, is actually done by the webserver. If you have one of the plugins that serve wordpress or wpmu as a secure connection, it should be going over port 443.

    Unless you have a webserver or hosting software that’s set up different. For example, Direct Admin actually serves the https out of a different directory than the regular web root. You actually have to tell it specifically to use the same directory if that’s what you want.

    Search the regular wp forums for https as it’s been much discussed. With the change in how regular wordpress serves secure and where in the process it does and what portion of the site it does it, it’s been much discussed.

    edit: This is also a good start:

    Hope this helps,


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