do you have any security plugin? or method to secure wordpress multisite/single site?

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    There are multiple methods for doing this by plugin, though WPMU isn't the place to look.

    For the antivirus style approach, check out WordFence. This is definitely the most innovative & high tech solution available.

    I often combine WordFence with Bulletproof Security, which gives you a standard .htaccess lockdown of the site. It also tends to overwrite all of your other settings every time it's updated though so it doesn't work out terribly well with caching plugins, which also actively manipulate .htaccess. I mean, the obvious solution is to write your own .htaccess file but that's beyond the scope of this conversation.

    If you want a lot of bells and whistles you can use Better WP Security, it's by far the most full-featured solution. This is a great plugin and it contains unusual features like the ability to obfuscate your /wp-admin/ directory and rename /wp-content/ to something different. It also has a lot of check boxes that say things like "may cause some plugins to break". Take those warnings seriously. If something breaks on your site, turn off that plugin first and see if that fixes it, then figure out the option.

    None of these options come without an occasional headache. I typically do a lot of what BWP and Bulletproof suggest manually then use WordFence to keep the core clear of problems. If you don't mind the plugins occasionally stepping on one another's toes though, there's nothing to stop you from using them in tandem.

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