Security Plugin : Is it better or different than Defenser ? Is it needed ?


Someone recommended me this plugin called WP Site Guardian for improving security on my Wordpress websites :

Basically, it claims it's protecting Wordpress differently than the other, regular security plugins. See the screenshot below for the comparative of protections :

They are saying that their plugin blocks exploits that other plugin don't. They don't mention your own Defender plugin, and I know they're trying to sell their stuff, so my questions are :

1. Is what they're saying true ? (I'm not a WP expert) Or is it just marketing mumbo jumbo...
2. How does WPMUDev "Defender" compete with this ?
3. Would you suggest using their plugin as a complement to "Defender", or is Defender good enough ?

Thanks a lot for your opinion. I want my websites as secured as possible, but I don't want to overload them with hypey crappy plugins... :wink: