Security Plugin : Is it better or different than Defenser ? Is it needed ?


Someone recommended me this plugin called WP Site Guardian for improving security on my Wordpress websites :

Basically, it claims it's protecting Wordpress differently than the other, regular security plugins. See the screenshot below for the comparative of protections :

They are saying that their plugin blocks exploits that other plugin don't. They don't mention your own Defender plugin, and I know they're trying to sell their stuff, so my questions are :

1. Is what they're saying true ? (I'm not a WP expert) Or is it just marketing mumbo jumbo...
2. How does WPMUDev "Defender" compete with this ?
3. Would you suggest using their plugin as a complement to "Defender", or is Defender good enough ?

Thanks a lot for your opinion. I want my websites as secured as possible, but I don't want to overload them with hypey crappy plugins... :wink:


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    You might want to look at these articles before you try & use WP site Guardian, as it may not be what it seems. Seems as though they're on another aggressive advertising campaign again.

    But there's a lack of trusted reviews for the wp site guardian plugin, so i'm not sure whether it's claims can be validated or not

    Some of the recommended security plugins can be found here.

    But Defender is not a replacement for plugins such as wordfence or iThemes Security at this moment in time, though they do offer some similar features.

    Hope this helps

  • DJExp
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks a lot Vaughan !

    Sometimes it's hard to tell if a seller is just using agressive direct marketing, but for a good cause (I know people who are using very agresive direct marketing because, plain simply, it's more effective, but who are selling solid and legit products).

    So if Defender is not a replacement for plugins such as X and Y, what does it do than these plugins don't do ? I'm trying to limit the ammount of plugins I used on my website, because more plugins = more problems... Do you recommend using one of these (Wordfence, etc) complementary to Defender ?

    Thanks a lot,


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    Well Defender is an infant compared to the others and we do plan on adding further security features as we go along.

    The next version will have IP blacklisting/lockouts for example.

    Currently defender can scan your server for malicious files/functions and alert you to suspicious changes in files. Also some other htaccess based protections which some of the other plugins also provide too, but the Audit logging is a useful tool.


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