Security/Usability/Privacy of Pro-sites

Credit cards are getting changed all the time...but the update process for people is very...unintuitive.

1. login_redirect-filter should be used anytime pro-site/?bid=SOMENUMBER

As it is now without being logged in it shows the person blog name and is confusing because it wont allow the blog card to be updated. Instead the user will choose a package to change to, and then many times accidentally create a new account and be very confused.

So if the bid variable is present in the url with a numberical value greater than 0, check if the user is logged in, check if the user who is logged in is an admin on that bid, check if the logged in user is a network admin, then display page.

IN that page if the payment source has failed...give them the option to add a new credit card without having to "re-choose their package" and then B give them the option of upgrading to a higher package.


Cancel your Subscription and Sign up for another site should be BUTTONS....not text links...right?

IN ADDITION help stylize things....divs and spans should be given names, ids classes, as they are right now there is just a bunch of blank <div> and <span> which makes it very difficult.

IN ADDITION Seriously try viewing the pro-sites page in mobile. Would you ever sign up for anything that looks like that?

Okay just had to get that off my chest.