"See who has RSVP'd" leads to 'Loading...' ...forever.

Clicking on "See who has RSVP'd" on the event page results in a "Loading..." message that never goes away. The list of attendees only shows up if I'm logged out, but not if I'm logged in. I'm using a Mac, and this is the case on both Chrome and Safari. It's been like this for what seems like a year now, and I was hoping something so fundamental would have been resolved by now.

  • Alexander
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    So I did some testing on your site, and on my own lab site. It's working fine on my site right now.

    When testing on your site, I did notice a good amount of javascript errors in the console. This could be part of the problem. You can actually visit the RSVP url used by AJAX directly and it will show the fragment containing the user names.

    This leads me to believe that there's a javascript conflict, and not something browser or OS specific.

    Can you please try to temporarily switch the the default theme (Twenty Twelve)? Give it a try, and let us know if it works this way. If it does, we can look into what might be causing it.

    If that doesn't help, the next step of troubleshooting would be to start deactivating your other plugins and testing the button. Be sure to refresh the event page each time you test. If it starts working, then we'll be able to narrow it down to know which plugin is causing the problem.

    Once we can identify the conflict here, we can look into a solution for it.

    Best regards

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