setting ad code height via css for mobile devices for ads above the title-works fine on desktop now

If above title code block works on desktop by not mobile, what needs to adjust to make ad blocks show above the title on mobile too?

The ad blocks work great on above content, middle, below, and sidebar but don on above title for some reason on mobile.

Any settings to adjust etc to do it? Thought there may be some unknown options I am not seeing to put in the ad block area or setting to enable etc to allow . . .

I am seeing this on the category pages:

and single posts too like this for example:

So...then I saw this:

It seems the plugin inserts code normally.

Category page shows code block 1 also on mobile devices.

On the post page code block 1 is inserted, however, on mobile no ad is generated. Try to set ad height via CSS.


How could we set the ad height CSS for that ad above the title that show perfectly already on Desktops so that ads above the titles are seen on mobile devices too?