Seeking advice regarding use of WPMUDEV plugins/solutions for new WordPress project

Good evening,

We are seeking some advice regarding the use of your WordPress solutions/plugins in a new project on which we’re working, specifically which plugins/solutions would best fit the project. We are creating a new large-scale WordPress project which will serve as an online directory, community & marketplace for a particular industry. The site will serve several roles--it will be a directory which buyers can use to find companies to fulfill certain services for them, and it will also serve as a massive online marketplace where companies can post products for buyers to purchase. Whenever a buyer makes a purchase from one of these companies, a small percentage fee will be taken from the transaction and sent to US.

The site will also serve as a community for the industry which will include a fully-functional forum, blogs, and an index of white-papers and expert opinions to which certain community members will allowed to contribute.

The site will also offer banner advertisements for interested parties which will pay us a small fee. Paid downloads will also be available.

The site will utilize several different user roles with varying levels of access to enable all of this functionality. The following list is in ascending order, from least access to most:

1) Web Visitors/Community Members
These individuals will be searching for companies/products in the online directory and making purchases, as well as leaving reviews for purchased products and companies they interact with, commenting on blog posts, and participating in forum discussions. They will have to be able to setup payment methods to purchase products and view their order history.

They will be able to search for products and the search results returned will contain products from all of the companies listing products on the site.

2) Advertisers
These individuals will have the same level of access as the web visitors/community members, but will also be able to submit banner advertisements which will be used throughout the site, as well as pay US a fee for these advertisements. There will need to be some form of reporting/analytics regarding the banner advertisements.

3) Content Contributors
These individuals will have the same level of access as the web visitors/community members, but they will be able to contribute their expert opinion to the blogs/white-paper sections of the site, pending administrative approval.

4) Directory Listing Companies (DLCs)
These users/companies will be listed in the online directory and online marketplace. They will have their own microsite within the overall directory (eg. This microsite will allow them to offer some brief information about their company and will allow them to index the products they are offering on the site. They will have to be able to edit the content of their microsite, add/manage the products, define shipping methods/prices, setup methods to accept payments from community members, and also setup a payment method to pay a small transaction fee to US, whenever someone purchases from their online store.

Buyers will be able to search through the product listings of each individual DLC or through the product listings of ALL DLCs.

5) Master Administrator
This is the highest level of administrative access, which will be able to view/manage all of the different DLCs, all of their products, and all of the content they post. They will also be able to manage the banner advertisements and all users on the site. They will also be able to view analytics/reports regarding orders placed through the online marketplace.

We will be utilizing the WordPress multi-site setup to enable the DLCs to have their own microsites and e-commerce/classified stores throughout the site.

We will need to setup a few backend dashboard layouts for the various user roles. The dashboards will have to be free of Wordpress branding and must use the branding of our directory.

We are aware that the plugins and solutions offered by WPMUDEV will not cover all of the site’s necessary functionality, but it does appear that much of the required functionality will be able to be achieved by the wide variety of plugins and solutions that WPMUDEV offers.

Our question is, after reading an overview of what we have in mind for the functionality of the site, what WPMUDEV plugins/solutions would your team suggest utilizing to make this project possible?

Thank you kindly for your advice and we are excited to use your products for this new project!