Seeking plugin recommendation?

Just looking for some advice and direction.

I'm building a membership site and I'd like to add a directory function to the front end of my website for visitors.

The intention is to provide a free, searchable directory of freelancers and creative agencies. The freelancer would simply list their core contact info including the geographical market where their office is located and a full description of their services/specialties (i.e. graphic designer/logo design, SEO, SEM, Wordpress guru, copy writing, printer, business cards etc.)

To be listed in the directory, the freelancer would have to be either:

1. Subscribed to a membership level that includes the listing as part of their membership or...

2. They could be a non-member who simply choses to pay a fee that is specifically for the listing - and the listing only (they cannot access any membership content).

Their listing is public and is freely accessible to any visitor on the site (accessible to any non-member).

Q. So my question is, which plugin(s) is best suited for this... is it the Directory Plugin, the Classified Plugin?

The members directory needs to be highly searchable based on geographical parameters and by their freelance specialty. (keywords and tags are important)

So for example, if I'm a non-member visiting the site for the first time and I'm looking for a "SEM, Certified Adwords specialist" based out of, USA, Kalamazoo, Michigan... then I can query the directory with my keywords, select country, state, city etc. and then view any service providers that match my parameters.

If you can picture what I'm describing and know of an example site that is featuring this sort of resource, then I would appreciate looking at examples too.

Thank you - any and all input is appreciated!