select a menu to editor - missing

Hi guys,

I wanted to chanche my menu in my multisite, on main web site and i don't have any option in there. Missing few things which are pretty important :slight_smile:
1. select a menu to editor - don't have it at all (place where i change my menus)
2. Menu locations - top tab is gone as well
3. Instead of "Save Menu" blue button I only have "Create Menu". Even thou when i create new menu i don't see it.

However, when im customizing my theme, i can see all of those menus i've created, and i can change them in "navigation" tab.

And of course, here is a screen shot.

  • Ariful Islam Shaon

    Hey @Eldin!

    Thanks for your questions and I hope you're doing well today!

    1. I didn't understand what do you mean by "select a menu to editor". Please explain with screenshot.

    2. If there is no menu already been created, there is no chance to show Menu Locations.

    3. As well as, If you do not already create your Menu, you wont be able to see the Save Menu button rather than the Create Menu.

    4. Please explain what do you mean by "navigation tab" with screenshot.

    AIS! :slight_smile:

  • Voxxyz

    Hi Islam, (I know it's your middle name, and I like it) :grinning:slight_smile:

    First, thanks for reply, but i found out solution. However i need to mention again what was the problem.

    In my menu settings, i had no few options;
    * Couldn't change menus (dropdown list) and its called "select menu to editor" (place where you choose what menu you would like to use.
    * I had no tab in the top of menu settings called "Menu locations"
    * Instead of Save Menu, I only had option "Create Menu" and even thou i create it, couldn't edit it at all..
    * When i go to customization of my theme, under Navigation settings, where do i choose "primary menu" I could choose all of those menus i've created.

    However, just cleaned cache and everything works fine.

    The problem was with plugin, i've installed earlier, "Dropdown menu plugin", which causes problems.

    This is resolved now :grinning:

    Islam, thanks for you reply man, i appreciate it.

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