Selected Dropbox destination, saved locally

I have configured a Dropbox location but even if I select it when creating a snapshot, the zip gets saved locally… Have I missed something obvious?

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub


    On the snapshot configuration form where you actually select your Dropbox account there is a message below the dropdown which reads..

    “If you select a remote destination and the ‘Interval’ is set as Immediate, the snapshot backup file will not be sent during the normal backup step. Instead the transfer of the backup file will be scheduled at a later time. This is to prevent the screen from locking while the backup file is sent to the remote destination.”

    Basically what this means is Snapshot does archives in two steps. It first builds the archive zip file from your system. There is a second scheduled process that does the sending of the archive to Dropbox or whatever destination. The reason this is a two step process is to prevent the user’s browser from hanging while the zip file is actually send to to destination.

    This second part of the process uses the WordPress WP_Cron scheduler to ‘kick off’ the process actually perform the sent. So you MUST have WP_Cron not disabled.

    If the files are not being sent. Make sure first that your site gets regular front-end traffic. This is a requirement for WP_Cron. Try changing the Interval for the snapshot configuration from manual to hourly and set the minutes to 2-3 minutes in the future from your current time. Then again make sure your site have regular traffic up to that minute of the hour. Let me know.

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