Selecting the checked radio input using jQuery on an Ajax, paged Gravity form

Hi guys

Sorry for the long title! I've got a form on this url:

You need this password to access the page:

You then need to create an account but just use any bogus email/password to get access to the form in question (sorry, I know)...

OK.. So on page 1 of this ajax form, I have a radio field with two options (male/female).
Using jQuery, I am targeting the 'checked' input - you can see this working with an alert that pops up (for testing purposes)..

jQuery( document ).ready( function ( $ ) {
	$('input').on('change', function() {
	   alert($('input[type=radio]:checked', '').val());

If you now proceed to page 2 of the form and then come back to page 1 again, this no longer works. Any idea why not and how I can get around it?! It's been driving me crazy for hours :slight_frown:

Hope you can help, and sorry for the hassle getting access - I had to do this as I have a multitude of people working on the content of this site before it can go live and we can't have the general public seeing it as it is.

Thanks in advance!