@selenamac I just created my first blog. you can see it

Hi @selenamac

I just created my first blog. you can see it under the blog heading on my page. Here are the questions.

1. How do I change the author from sshyman1@gmail.com so Steve Shyman?

2. If you look inside you can see that I put a read more break after the 5th paragraph, however, the article still reads to the end. I thought I was putting in a place where the reader would have to click to read further and that is what I want to limit the initial content the user sees on the page. Please tell me what I did wrong and How to do this right.

  • aristath
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    Hello again @steve, I hope you’re well today!

    Is this a continuation of another post? If so, then please close this thread and reply on the original thread instead.

    If it’s an individual and completely separate thread then could you please post a link to your website so that we may see this in action and help you figure this one out?

    Please advise,


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Steve.

    1. You’ll need to go into the User Profile settings for that account and choose the display name you want.

    Dashboard>Users>All Users

    2. Make sure on your Settings > Reading page that you’ve selected show post excerpt instead of full content for the front page. Also make sure your theme doesn’t have any unique settings related to the excerpt.

  • steve
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    I changed the name, thanks, but as far displaying only a part of the article. It is set to do that in reading settings and it says to do it in the text editor for the post. You could see that in the blog-planning for retirment page, but the page seems to be missing now from the dashboard. Other than that, I cannot tell why it is not working.

    In fact, all of a sudden, all of the private member area menu pages got separated into their own tabs and the blog-planning for retirement page no longer shows up when i go to pages. Did you do something? It shows up when you go to the site, but no longer under pages in the dashboard.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    I didn’t change anything in your site, I just checked a few settings, and I don’t think I’ve actually gone in there since yesterday afternoon.

    I’m a little unclear on what you are seeing. I can see the Blog Preparing for Retirement page http://www.wilsave.com/planning-for-retirement/ ?

    If it’s showing up on the site, it’s in the Dashboard somewhere. Make sure you check both the Pages and the Posts tabs, I think you might have confused the two.

  • steve
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    The actual blog post is to set to invoke the read more or continue reading after this text..Why use a financial advisor? Hi, this is Steve Shyman with Wilsave Financial.

    Many people do try to do their best with managing their portfolios, many try to do everything themselves, but, Your money and how to invest it can be very confusing. There is so much conflicting information out there and much of it is too complicated to understand. I just did a google search on where is the market headed? I got back About 77,000,000 results in about a half a second.

    So who do you believe and what do you do?

    You can see this if you login. It does not work as i think it is programmed unless i am doing something wront.

  • steve
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Michelle, I appreciate all of your help, but I am getting quite frustrated. I wait several hours for most responses only to find that they are not solving the problem and leave more questions, causing a several hour delay again. Also, it seems that the guaranteed to work plugins are not doing what I need to so far.

    To summarize,

    1. I need help limiting the text displayed in a blog post and cannot figure out why it is not doing what I am telling it to do. I have sent mnay emails and pictures of the screen, please login help me figure out what is wrong.

    2. I am understanding now that appointments + does not do what I want it to and although mpmu advertizes google calender integration, you suggest I tread lightly., correct?

    3. I do not see the settings you suggest to manipulate in slide in and do not even know if it will do what i need yet. I want something to slide in like 5 seconds after you get on the site and stay lit for 10-30 seconds. It will prompt you to enter name and email. Then with that info, I want to create a list of subscribers that I can send the latest blog post and/or newsletter to. It does not seem to be as complicated a problem as what I am experencing. Is this the right plugin or do I need something else, if this is it, please help me figure out how to make it work.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Steve! I missed you. : )

    Okay, I figured out why you’re not getting the show more tag to work! It only works on blog posts, not on pages. You’re trying to drop in into a page. If you want that to work, copy and paste the content from the page to a post. Then, if you set your front page to show your latest posts, you’ll only see the excerpt.

    Alternatively, you could insert a page break in the HTML/text view of that page’s edit screen where you want a break to happen, then users will need to click a “next page” link to read the rest of the text. That tag looks like this:


    2. The issue with gCal isn’t ours, it’s with the Google API. Appointments works as advertised, it’s trying to integrate it with gCal that becomes an issue. I’ve seen at least four or five reports on it just while I’ve been working today, I think they may have rolled out an update with a bug or two in it.

    3. Okay, for the Slide In, right now you’ve got it set to appear immediately. You’re correct, we can’t control how long it shows, it’s up to the user to “x” out of it or enter the required info. Originally, I gave you some instructions for adding a user registration form, which would then allow you to create a newsletter/email mailing list out of your registered users. Since you’d like to create your list with an opt in form instead, you’ll need to pull out the registration form shortcode provided by the plugin I linked you to. Whichever newsletter plugin you’re using (I think it’s ours, right?) should also have a shortcode available for a sign-up form, which you would drop in just like you did for the registration form. Whatever you’re using to send newsletters should, if it comes with a sign-up form, then grab all the names and keep them in your database for you.

    Hope this helps! I’m about to go home for the evening, but I’ll be back tomorrow if you have any other questions!

  • steve
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    The <!–nextpage–> worked but not looking as good as I hoped. I guess I don’t know the difference between a post and a post on a page which is what i thought i did. please explain.

    As for the slide in, I cannot see how to get it to show up at all so I have no idea what it looks like on the page.

  • steve
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Well, I added the same thing you see on my ‘blog-planning for retirement” pages as a post. I used the more option to create a page break. It still does not break. Please look into this.

    I can see the post from clicking on it from the dashboard, but not surfing from the main site. How do I get it to show up in a page

    Also, as communicated, I cannot seem to get the slide in to actually appear. Please show me how to get it to show up so that I can see it and see if it will do what I need.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, steve. Good morning! (Or whatever time of day it is where you are.)

    I think some of the confusion here is the difference between a blog, which will have a list of posts, or post excerpts, in reverse chronological order, so the newest posts are always on the top. Excerpts come in when you display your latest posts in list as your front page. You’re using a static front page, which means the content stays pretty much the same. To point your readers to a particular post, from a static front page, would take a hyperlink in one of the content areas on your front page that would link to the post’s URL.

    The Slide-in may be misbehaving for you because you have it set to show a limited number of times, so if you’ve already seen it that many times, it’s not showing for you anymore. Go into Slide In’s settings and crank that number up so you can keep testing without it being a jerk to you.

    I talked to my colleague, Tyler, about your Slide In issues, and we were thinking that perhaps the Pop Up plugin might do more of what you want. It still isn’t going to give you exact control on how long it stays, but it is a lot easier to work with when using shortcodes.

    One more bit, @tyler Postle shared this with me about Appointments:

    The booking calendar defaults to “No Specific Provider” – which has it’s own set hours. I’m thinking they will want to check that out. If No specific Provider’s hours are set 8am-5pm, but their user is set 1pm-8pm – then the default calendar setup will still only show to 5pm until they increase the no specific provider hours

    Hope this helps, and that you’re having a nice Sunday!

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