Sell a subscription to a group of pages

What we want to do is sell a month subscription to a group of video tutorials. Would this Plug In allow this or should we go back to the Membership Plug In? Our client isn't interested in selling subscriptions to individual pages but a whole group of pages and eventually break them out by category.

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    thanks for posting

    Pay per view would certainly work for this.

    there's 3 options for it

    a 1 time view, this is 1 payment to see 1 specific item, and it is only valid for as longas you set in the cookie setting, so even if you set the cookie to expire in 4 weeks (if the client clears their cookies, they'll have to pay again) 1 time view does not require registering

    the next option is 1 day pass

    but don't be fooled by the name, you can change the length of time in the settings when you enable 1 day pass, so really it's a 1 term pass. it is valid for however long you decide. this method require the user to register on the site.

    the next option is recurring payments

    exactly the same as above, but is like a monthly subscription. both 1 day pass & recurring payments options require registration & give access to ALL content protected by pay-per-view, so once you've paid, you see everything. whereas 1 time view method is strictly for that particular content.

    hope this helps.

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