Sell access to single posts, automatically.

I want to setup my membership site to sell access to single posts. The only way I have found to do it right now is every time I create a new post, I create an access level that just has access to that post, then an infinite duration subscription plan for that access level. Is there any built-in way to handle this scenario without having so many steps for every new post? If not, is there some sort of API with the membership plugin so I could maybe automate this process through a hook when a new post is saved?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Membership is really designed to handle much more complex scenarios than that so it is going to require a level for each page.

    You might want to consider using another method. For example, you could use products in MarketPress along with the Password Protect Selected Content plugin.

    You could use products instead of pages so that when people purchase the product, they are given the password to access the content.



  • JerryRice
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    Phil, I need to do something similar. Not sure I understand the was you proposed. If you have a few moments, please help.

    Basically I need to sell access to a wordpress “page” on that page I will have a unique download link for that product. Also on that page I will have other information for the buyer like support links, spec sheet, etc.

    This page wont be unique to the buyer.. because I can also sell access to other buyers. what will be unique is the content on that page.

    How do I give access to that page to the buyer for X days?

    I would bulk upload these pages into wordpress and assisn a user group to all so the public non payers cant see.

    Please let me know how I can get this done.



  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi Jerry,

    That’s actually quite a simple scenario that the Membership plugin handles quite well.

    For each page you want to sell access to:

    1. Create an access level (perhaps give it the name of the page itself), drag “Pages” into the Positive Rules section and check the page you want to sell.

    3. Activate the PayPal gateway with Single Payments.

    3. Create a subscription giving access to only the access level you just created (you could call that “page-name-subscription” so it doesn’t get confusing), select your payment gateway and assign a duration.

    I think that’s about it (Just be sure the follow the setup steps properly first… I haven’t played with the plugin for awhile, sorry)

  • JerryRice
    • New Recruit

    Selling individual (unique) page access. Cant assigning each page its own unique access level.

    40,000 + unique downloadable products. Instead of selling a file.. I want to sell access to that page with more info ion that particular file.

  • spatical
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    Except I, like JerryRice, also want to sell access to an individual post. I don’t think MarketPress has any way of giving access to a particular post, it would just give access to a product download.

    pcwriter’s method works and is basically what I am already doing, but is time consuming to do for every post.

    I’ve started working on an addon for the membership plugin. It definitely isn’t in a production ready state, but it is a first attempt at simplifying the process a little bit. There are a few assumptions this add-on makes that won’t work for everybody. With this addon, every time you publish a new post it: 1) Creates a new access level that just gives access to the new post, 2) Creates a new membership subscription with the new access level with an infinite duration.

    So basically a user that buys access to many post, will actually purchase many subscriptions, each subscription giving them access to a single post.

    Now I just need to find a way to create a way to list all of these subscriptions in an organized way. It is quickly going to get unwieldy for the user to find the subscription (post) they want to buy access to. Maybe I can find a way to intelligently display the corresponding subscription in the message that appears when a user doesn’t already have access to a post.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi Spatical,

    Excellent initiative!

    There is another membership plugin available (which I won’t mention here ‘cuz it’s not a WPMU plugin) that does just that: allows you to sell access to specific posts/pages/content/URIs with variable access durations.

    Your addon will help Membership go that extra mile. Heads up devs! :slight_smile:

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