Sell & integrate email services with ProSites – RackSpace API


I would like to recommend/request what I believe would be a very powerful, useful and long requested feature ;

The ability to sell/integrate email services with ProSites.

I have been using RackSpace email a few months now and here is my experience;

1 – Support is INSTANT and top notch, click their “live chat” button and in literally seconds you get expert service.

2 – Benefits : $2/mailbox, 25GB/mailbox, 50MB attachments, you get your own admin control panel where you can customize everything including complete white labeling of the login interface, login domain address, and webmail interface plus white label pdf guides etc. etc.

3 – The white labeling of login domain etc. are a paid extra but if you qualify for their “reseller” service you get all the extras free plus reduced pricing per mailbox.

4 – Calendar, instant chat for all users on the same domain plus the usual bells and whistles are included.

5 – The absolute best Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus features I have seen, and I have used yahoo, gmail, 1and1, round cube, horde, SmarterMail, MailEnable, and others I can’t even remember.

Their API is very comprehensive and I have seen many requests/questions on how to provide email services on this forum so I believe integrating this with the powerful site hosting network features of ProSites would be a match made in heaven.

– ModulesGarden has a provisioning module for RackSpace email but WHMCS has a steep learning curve and in my humble opinion defeats the simplicity of WP multisite and ProSites as it would add to maintenance and costs.

– WordPress multisite can easily be run on popular Cloud services(which is the future) without installing, maintaining or worrying about cpanel/WHM/plesk etc. So to keep this simplicity but still have powerful services to offer without the above mentioned, there needs to be such integration with these plugins provided by their authors/developers going forward.

Any kind assistance or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Do I hear a +1 ?