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is there a way to use pro sites as a way to sell the use of individual plugins (not a group of them) to a site?

say you want to offer your users to create a blog for a small setup fee. then give them the option of upgrading their blog like adding seperate plugins to a shopping cart and once paid with paypal, automatically acitivate those plugins on their blog.

also is there a way to only 1 option per plugin, and make it perminent instead of having a end date.

  • Jamin
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    ive tried installing the Upgrade plugin but it seems to be very backwards with its installation. i followed the instruction exactly but now all i get is a blank white page when accessing my blog.

    i deleted what i had done on during the installation and just had wordpress auto install the plugin via the downloaded zip file. it turned up in the admin dash and worked (allllows me to see the options page).

    when i create a new upgrade, i dont have any plugins available to select.

    when i go and create the wu-plugins/upgrade-plugins folder in wp-content, it just makes my settings page go white again.

    whats going on?

    also i have read that Upgrades is being taken over by Pro-Sites.. does that mean pro Sites will have the upgrade options built in in stead of being seperate? im not keen to use a plugin that is hard to install and get the hang of.. im trying my hardest to keep my multisite shopping network as clean and as simple as possible.

    in a perfect world, marketpress should have an option to sell upgrades on behalf of pro sites.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Upgrades is more of a framework and requires lots of code customizations for each plugin. Only recommended for advanced users. The vast majority of users would be better off with Pro Sites.

    Unfortunately Pro Sites is not designed to sell individual plugins, sorry.

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