Sell three "packages of quantity" in Appoinments+ via Marketpress and with the help of MyC

Dear people of the Support Team,

I am totally new here. And I have a tricky thing to realize:

My Client is a Therapist. He wants to sell Appointments for Onlinetherapy.

The Way a customer needs to go:

1. Checking Website
2. I want to book an Onlinetherapy
3. Customer has three possibilities now:

Package 01 - 3 Appoinments á 65€ = 195€
Package 02 - 5 Appoinments á 59€ = 295€
Package 03 - 10 Appoinments á 49€ = 490€

3.1 I setup this three Packages as Products in Marketpress (or would I need to create one Product with three variations?)
3.2 to get the different prices per hour working I heard I would need MyCred (?) it is already installed and setup (and then to customize it a bit (therefore is already a little support article in your topics) !

4. Lets say the Customer now bought via Paypal "Package 02".
Now his Account would have a plus/credit of 295 Credits.
So each appointment in Package 02 need to have a value by default of 59 Credits per Appoinment.
"Package 01" appointment needs to have a value of 65 Credits per Appoinment.
"Package 03" appointment needs to have a value of 49 Credits per Appoinment.
(do I also need Membership 2 to achieve this? It is already installed)

5. Again. Now the Customer bought the Package 02 / his Creditpoints on card is 295, and now he could pay 5 Appointments with his Creditpoints until he has now credits left.

I have the feeling I read all the similar articles in your support forum but cannot get this working totally.

All Add Ons and Payment gateways are setup:

here is how it works at the moment:

Please help me out

All the best


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hi Homib,

    I think you are referring to that instruction: (check it please, because there are screens there)

    1. Install MarketPress, and in Store Settings > General, set your store currency to be Points or Credits.
    2. In Appointments+, go to Settings > Addons, and make sure Appointments in Product Cart is active. This lets your users add appointments they make to their shopping cart, then they can "pay" with points earned through MyCred.
    3. In Appointments+, make use to allow payment, then use the MarketPress settings at the bottom of the Payment settings pane.

    I think the main issue is that the customers have to buy first the Credits:
    - Customer purchases credits through myCRED, using the "PayPal Payments Standard" gateway (you'd enable this inside of myCRED).
    - Then, customer would schedule an appointment in Appointments+, and pay with myCRED credits through MarketPress.

    In your Store settings you have still currency Euro, not the points - so this have to be changed.

    Kind regards,

  • Homib

    Thanks for your fast reply.

    In your Store settings you have still currency Euro, not the points - so this have to be changed.
    No because if I do that I would need to pay in credits for the product (the product is a package of appointments) -> so my currency is € - that the customer pays in € for the product package of appointments) - get then credits in that value (how?)

    Now is the big question how to charge the customer with his credits available for an appoinment?
    In Appointment+ you pay that appointment at the moment with euro. You cannot choose credits/points as an option there.
    Again: Customer buys a package of appointments (like 10) [it is setup as a product called "10 Appointments] - he pays via paypal, or transfer - then his account would need to get a value [in that example] of 490 Credits.

    Now he can book appointments until he has no creditpoints left.

    Or do I build it up quite unlogical? Any suggestions which would be better? See my explanation what is needed in the first mail.

    try to book:

    • Kasia Swiderska

      Hi Homib,

      so the user would buy a package of credits . then he has an amount of creditpoints, and can buy appointments(products) via marketpress by using his creditpoints.

      Yes, you are right - that is why I suggested earlier to change currency in MarketPress to Credits.
      User buy bunch of credits (from myCRED) - you allow to use them in your MarketPress - then user go to shop, buy the package he wants (the exact amount of appointments that he can afford with his credist) and pay with those credist.
      Please, let me know is acceptable solution for you.

      Kind regards,

  • Homib

    you can only pay via Paypal if you book an appointment (Appointments+ Panel) :

    Kasia, I really need more help with that. Please read my first Mail. How to achieve this?

    lets forget the three different packages for this moment:

    lets say: you buy a package of credits worth 490,00€ with that 490,00€ you should be able to book 10 Appointments: to achieve that an appointment needs to have the value of 49 Points/Credits (done)

    so you buy a package of credits with that amount
    [mycred_buy gateway="paypal-standard" amount="490" ctype="creditzehn"]
    Buy 10 Appointments for 490,00€[/mycred_buy]

    If you feel overwhelmed with that support question please redirect it to someone else.

    • Kasia Swiderska

      you can only pay via Paypal if you book an appointment (Appointments+ Panel) :

      Yes, if you are booking directly from the Appointments - but with MarketPress it works in the different way. You create a product, and insert into shortcodes for appointment - from now on you can book appointment (you choose from calendar) and after you confirm it you are adding it to the shopping cart (MarketPress shopping cart), and the checkout is handled by the MarketPress. And in MarketPress you can pay with you credits.

      Right now I tried to book something on your site, but your Service provider is not related with the service, so booking is unavailable.

      Also, please note that there is new version of Appointments.

      Kind regards,

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