Sell videos using pay per view

1. Have word press site

2. Selling videos . Using PPV set up because it has timer, privacy setting, so I can control the amount of time a user can view the video. I think that is called privy?

3. In order for timer to work, user has to Log in. They have to click “view my video” . Then a drop down happens where they get choice to log in with 3 options FB, Google, Word press. This web link shows sign in page:

Then once logged in are taken to Pay pal and then back to site to view video.


1. Ideally, I’d like user to be able to create a simple username and password to sign in. (as I personally don’t like using the other two log in choices) Is there a way to do that? 2. I know “word press” sign in does ask for this, but I see these issues: If I saw “word press” I wouldn’t associate that with a simple user name and pass word. [ For instance, personally I have a word press user name and password to access my site’s dashboard, but if I were on someone else’s site, and before I got into all this, I’m not sure I’d put two and two together?]

Another potential issue is when a user logs in with word press, if they have previous wordpress sign in, and go to create new, not realizing whether they have one or not, does that present a problem? Will it not work for them? And if it doesn’t work for them is there any simple set of directions to users. My concern is peeps will go away if takes too long and/or if they are blocked. AND they must log in FIRST before they PAY to track the privacy setting. So if they go away, they don’t pay. LOL.

To recap: is there a way to create a simple user name password log in and not have it be word press AND still have the timer work, the privacy set up, to control user’s viewing time on video? Or is there another way to do all this?