Selling Day Use Passes For Business

Can I use any of your plugins to sell day use passes for a business? I have tried to play with Marketpress as well as Events+ but neither seem to work for what I need.

All I need is to allow people to purchase a day use pass for a water park that is only valid for the date they select. For example, they choose Monday, April 18th. The price is set based on the day of the week ($19) and they checkout. They receive an email with a receipt (that they obviously have to be restricted from sharing) and they bring it to the park to get in.

I can setup a recurring event with Events+ but it displays all those daily events in my regular calendar which I already use Events+ for. I simply want a single page where people can go to select a date and checkout. I don't want my calendar listing Day Use alongside other events.

It's seem very simple to implement but can I do this with WPMU?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Brian,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I think that despite your concerns the Events+ would be the best shot here. I understand that you're already using it for your other events and it would also work fine for you in this case while the only issue is that all "types" of events got "mixed up".

    I've accessed your site as you granted support access and took a look at it. I can see that you already aimed to setup category for events. This would be a way to handle that scenario I think.

    There's already a category named "Day Use" which could server for these daily passes. I'd then create another category that would server as a general ("all in one") category for all other events. You could use WP "quick edit" feature to quickly (in bulk) assign all existing events to that new category.

    Then you could create a recurring event for you daily passes and put it in a "Day Use" category.

    Finally, I noticed that you're linking to events' archives from your site's menu and I understand that that's where those both "type" of events mix up. The solution for this would be to create twelve pages ("January events", "February Events" etc) and link to them instead. These pages should include shortcode:

    [eab_archive date="2016-01-01" category="ID"]

    for January (changing "date" for other months) where the "ID" is a numeric ID of "general" category.

    Additionally, create another page including shortcode:

    [eab_archive category="DU"]

    where "DU" is a numeric ID of a "Day Use" category.

    This way you should be able to maintain current structure and add "Day Use" passes as events avoiding mixing them all up.

    Would that work for you?

    Best regards,

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