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Is it possible to sell access to hosted video content with the plugin, or is it only downloads that you can sell?


  • Mark

    Hi David, I'm re-opening this topic...

    The issue with Membership, however, is that you can't really sell access to single videos or audio files without setting up broad membership categories. Thus, you can't operate a MindBites type of store. (At least that's the response I received from Mason in this thread.)

    I'd like to attempt a work-around and here are my questions concerning a coupled system using Marketpress and Membership:

    1. Can I create a Product in Marketpress which is simply a URL web link? A customer purchases "access" to a non-downloadable video and then receives the URL in their purchase confirmation email. They click the link and are directed to the page or post where that video is hosted on my site. There they play the video as many times as they want (this is not pay per view).

    2. However, I want to make sure they don't share that link with non-paying customers, so before they can make that purchase they must first become a paying Member of the site and I will use the Membership plug-in to arrange that. So let's say they pay $20 to become a Member and then they can visit a members-only page where there is a catalog of videos displayed. There they can purchase access (via the paid weblink mentioned above) for around $5. Based on that info, could this theoretically work as an e-commerce solution?

  • chrispalle

    Hi David and Mark,
    This is very similar to what I'm trying to achieve. I started down the Membership route and am concerned about the amount of "Membership Levels" and "Subscription Bundles" I'll have to manage in the long-term. Also, the notion of using "categories" as the connective tissue bothers me as this not for which categories were intended.

    (started a thread tagged with Membership here and described some ideas for we're looking to do: Joe, on that thread, recommended that I use MarketPress with an idea similar to your last post.

    Mark, it sounds like we're trying to accomplish the same thing. Are you interested in combining these threads to work at it together?


  • aecnu

    Greetings chrispalle :slight_smile:

    sir please feel free to jump on over to the below thread so you can see some solutions that I have been working on with Mark :slight_smile: I have listed some their and as of a moemnt ago came up with another idea in which I will write on Marks post :slight_smile:

    Thanks :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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