Selling Hosting with Membership Plugin


I am new here so am a bit confused so would like a little help. I am creating a design site which offers designing services as well as hosting. I have a reseller account at a different host than the main site I have. I dont want to make the signing up for hosting process automated. I want to get the orders in my WP site and once the payment succeeds I want to manually create the hosting account and then send the information to the user.

Now I dont think Supporter plugin will help me at all because it is specific for blog upgrades and features right?

Now membership plugin looks juicy. Can I create my hosting packages as membership subscriptions? Once a customers subscribes I want them to get some sort of dashboard where they can login and see their subscription info. And Once I create their account and Cpanel I want to upload this info to their dashboard for them to see. Can I do this with membership plugin? Or is there any other plugin which I can use to achieve this?