Selling WP Defender with Pro Sites + Multisite Plugin Manager


I’m preparing a WPMU Multi-Network to setup, provide/sell and maintain a Managed WordPress solution for photographers and artists.

I’ve just started to learn about management-plugins such as “Pro Sites” and “Multisite Plugins Manager” and found your article about using both very useful.

So I have setup both as recommended in the article and went to

Plugins -> Plugin Management

on my network-dashboard.

I can see most of the plugins I have previously installed and I can easily assign them to All Users, Pro Sites, Auto-Activate or None. It just surprises me that not all of WPMUDEV plugins are being shown here, e.g. Wp Defender or Hummingbird, whereas WP Smush or Ultimate Branding are listed among the others.

I would like to activate Hummingbird + Defender for specific clients via Pro Sites packages or for All users, but since they are not listed within the Plugin Management section I wonder how. In the standard plugins section they are deactivated like all other plugins except for Multisite Plugin Manager, Pro Sites & WPMUDEV Dashboard.

Anyone who can teach me how to provide Defender, Hummingbird and others not listed in Plugin Management as described?

Thank you and have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


PS: In case you require URL etc. please set this ticket to private-state first