Send Custom email based on membership subscription

Please advise how to send custom emails to members base don their Subscription level. This feature was included in Membership 1 with Automessage plugin integration

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    Hello Michelle

    Hope all is well!

    Unfortunately, that feature is not included anymore in the Membership 2 plugin. although as a workaround, you can enable MailChimp addon and assign the specific membership a certain MailChimp group.

    Add MailChimp API in the settings, then edit each membership and select from the drop-down list the MailChimp list to which users will be assigned too.

    Custom email needs to be created on the MailChimp and sent from there. There are Automation types of custom emails that can be sent from the MailChimp:

    I've also moved this thread to our Features and Feedback forums. if more members will vote with "+1" on this feature, our developers will consider integrating the Automessage plugin again, with Membership 2.

    Hope this helps!


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