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This is the scenario I would like. Is the following possible in the membership plugin? Or with a combination of other plugins?

A Multisite: The main site is called (for example) "mainsite" then there will be four sub-directory sites as an (almost) exact clone of the "mainsite", subsite1, subsite2, subsite3, subsite4

Subsites1-4 will have the membership plugin with two levels of membership. a free level and a paid level. No content will be hidden (at the moment, this may change) all that will happen is that the members emails will be imported (by hand) into my clients office365 account (called exchange I believe). What the client wants is (for each signup) an email to be sent to both the admin of the site (say subsite2) but also to the admin of the "mainsite" itself. So the admins of the respective sites get an email and the "mainsite" admin gets all the signups sent to him as well.

I also need to add a custom field(s) to the signup form.

I've played around with the membership plugin but cannot seem to fathom out how to do any of this so my question is, "Is any of this possible?"

Many thanks,


  • aristath

    Hello there @John Langer, I hope you're well today!

    Subsites1-4 will have the membership plugin with two levels of membership. a free level and a paid level.

    Will the membership on one subsite have anything to do with the membership on the other sites?
    I mean are these memberships completely independent or or they related somehow?

    No content will be hidden (at the moment, this may change)

    If no content is to be hidden then why use a membership?

    Please provide more details about what you're trying to do and why you think you need a membership...


  • John Langer

    Hi Ari,

    Many thanks for replying.

    I'll answer the last point first.

    Initially I understood that the client wanted a membership site and that downloadable items would be available on the site. On enquiring further it seems that they just want to glean an email address so that they can send info and "stuff" via email. Eventually they want an on-line shop to sell things as well so I'm thinking ahead really. What if they say eventually that they do want to hide areas on the site? Don't want to start again really. Also I believe that your "shop plugin" links to membership? Is that right? Just seems a future proof plan to me.

    The first point: The sub-sites will be by location. One in the UK one in the US one in Australia and one in South Africa (possibly other areas as time goes by). All sites will be run locally by their own entity but the look and feel of all sites will be similar if not the same as each other. So each site will run it's own membership locally. The "mainsite" wants all emails so they can send out global info etc. All I want really is an email sent to "mainsite admin" (as well as local admin) on any signup worldwide.

    Hope that now makes more sense.

    Best wishes,


  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, John! Happy Saturday.

    What you want to do is completely possible, and it's smart to plan ahead for the possibility of a membership-based network in the future. Let's try to tackle your needs one by one.

    1. Member emails - there's a way easier way to collect this data than by hand. There are a handful of plugins that will let you export a member list in a CSV, which you could then import into your client's email. Here's one of many available:

    2. Double up on admin confirmation emails when a new user joins - I think this one might be easiest to do with a simple workaround. If you've got the power to create new email accounts for your domains, create one for each of your subsites, like, then forward all emails to that account to both your client (mainsite admin) and the local admin.

    3. Add custom fields to registration form - the easiest way to do this is with BuddyPress. If you're not into the more social features of BuddyPress, you can turn them off and just use the extended profiles feature. Another option is to use Gravity Forms, including their user registration form addon. I believe that addon is only available for those users with a dev license, however.

    Does this cover what you need?

    Thanks for your questions!

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