Sending newsletter without a template

I lauded and heralded this plugin when it was first launched last year. I installed it and gave some feedback, and then I uninstalled it because it was not ready for me to use yet. It was a great plugin, but still lacked some features I need.

An hour ago I reinstalled this plugin again for the first time, and from the outside it looks almost identical to 9-10 months ago. This is frustrating. I would like to see some great features, but in the immediate future I need this:

1) I do not use templates for the newsletters. i use my own HTML instead. How can I avoid using any template, period, when I send a newsletter?

2) How can I add a "Subscribe" box to my site? I see a widget is available, but we do not use widgets on some of our sites. What is a workaround?

Thanks for your help.

  • ThePath

    Hey paperweight, Thanks for being a member and using the forum.

    OK lets see if I can answer some stuff for you:

    1) Does your HTML change all the time I take it? So you would want an area where you could simply paste your html in? Well the only problem I can see with this is you would have to use some essential hooks in your HTML that the plugin uses like: {EMAIL_SUBJECT}

    However what I would say is that the plugin is essentially very expandable in this area as it does use templates. Meaning if you have a set of say 5 themes that you can load them up and use them through the existing system.

    But yeh I reckon the devs could have a look at this and make an option which is more like PHPlist huh!!

    2) This Im not sure of. I may have even asked the question myself ages ago. Im not sure if there is an easy function call like

    <?php if( function_exists('e_newsletter_subscribe') ) { 'e_newsletter_subscribe(); } ?>

    Just had a quick look at the code and unfortunately I reckon not but Im nae expert coder so hopefully somebody else can confirm. But its a +1 from me for this if it cant be done.

    Hope that helped a little :slight_smile:

  • ThePath

    Oooops I meant to say that if your sites dont use widgetised areas then why not just add some. Its very easy to ad widgets to any part of your site. ALl you have to do is add sidebars via functions.php then include the calls to the sidebars within the styled div element you want the subscribe widget to appear. Then add the subscribe widget to these sidebars in your wp admin.

    If you want to do this then please let me know and I shall write a more detailes replay on how exactly to do it.


  • aecnu

    Greetings paperweight,

    Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated.

    I understand your comment about this plugin has not seen much attention in the last year, and perhaps this is one of the very reasons the previous lead developer of this plugin is no longer with WPMU Dev as of about a month ago.

    1) I do not use templates for the newsletters. i use my own HTML instead. How can I avoid using any template, period, when I send a newsletter?

    For the most part you can avoid almost all of the template except what anti-spam laws require and the title. Have you tried inserting your own HTML in the provided MCE Editor?

    It has worked for me since I was a member for a little over a year ago.

    It also appears that one can easily make their own template by simply copying one of the existing templates located in the plugins templates folder and adjust it how you want.

    2) How can I add a "Subscribe" box to my site? I see a widget is available, but we do not use widgets on some of our sites. What is a workaround?

    The plugin's subscribe feature hasn't really been designed for use outside the widget, but you can copy and paste the code snippet from the following article so that you can include the widget within your posts using a shortcode.

    With that, you'll be able to use the following shortcode to display the newsletter widget:
    [widget widget_name="e_newsletter_subscribe"]

    A built in short code to display the subscribe box would probably be the best solution. I am going to alert the new lead developer of the request which would solve the problem with the ability to display the subscribe box without a widget.

    Please advise how you make out with the above two suggestions/workarounds.

    Cheers, Joe

  • paperweight

    @aecnu: Thanks for your feedback. I have entered my own html in the WYSIWYG editor, but then it is enveloped by the template. I need a "no template" template, so I will work on that next weekend to make a blank template in which I can then throw my normal emails.

    Good idea on the [widget widget_name="e_newsletter_subscribe"] and I will research and implement that too next weekend.

    When a new developer comes on, I suggest she/he read a post I made last June/July where I noted out some good features.

    Again, tks for your assistance~

  • aecnu

    Greetings paperweight,

    Thank you for letting me know that you plan to implement these next weekend or at least give it a shot at implementing them.

    I have gone ahead and fond your old post and pinged the new developer so he may check out your previous suggestions for this plugin and thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated.

    I am going to mark this ticket as resolved and when next weekend comes or if you have more comments regarding this post, please feel free to check mark it below as not resolved and post any errors or symptoms you may be getting and the ticket will come up in front of us again, or it is possible we will not see it.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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