SEO Advice: Google Webmaster Tools not indexing non-WP pages

Please have a look at this URL

A list of URL's similar to this (links to them are found at the bottom of the webpage linked above) were submitted to Google Webmaster Tools using a sitemap generated by manual URL submission in the plugin "XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 4.0.8." The sitemap for the static HTML non-WP pages was generated as a child sitemap. Have a look here . I had to use another plugin (not SmartCrawl) as SmartCrawl does not allow submission of external non-WP URLs.

Please note that I also use SmartCrawl. Kindly have a look at my SmartCrawl settings for the first site on the list of sites on the WP network. Access Granted.

Please provide a bulleted list of SEO problems, improvement advice, and other recommendations. Please keep in mind that my objective is to have both WP pages and non-WP HTML static pages indexed.

Image of Webmaster Tools attached.

Thanks in advance.